to The Parliament of Finland

from The Environmental Conference Of The Second Baltic NGO Forum

in St.Petersburg, 19-20 April, 2002

We, representatives of environmental non-governmental organisations from the Baltic Sea Region, follow the on-going debate on construction of the fifth nuclear reactor in Finland with anxiety.

Nuclear power, besides causing immediate risks, is absolutely unsustainable. The problem of spent nuclear fuel has not yet been resolved in any country of the world. Reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel is an extremely dangerous process; storage of spent nuclear fuel is needed for thousands of years, which is uneconomical and is a problem for many future generations.

As a sustainable solution to the energy problem, many countries of the world have chosen the option of developing renewable energy sources and saving energy. Finland has been a good example in this way.

Making the decision to build the fifth nuclear power reactor in Finland would stimulate and support the construction of nuclear reactors in other regions of the world, especially in Russia (Karelia, Sosnovy Bor) and the Baltic countries.

We value Finland's general concern for the environment. To promote sustainable policy, the best Finland can do is not build new nuclear reactors.

We appeal to members of the Parliament of Finland to vote against the decision to build the fifth nuclear reactor in Finland.

Oleg Bodrov, Green World, Russia
Olga Senova, Children of the Baltic, Russia
Alexey Milovanov, Ecodefense! international group, WISE/NIRS-Russia
Jessica Calonius-Beliaeva, Luonto Liitto, Finland
Saara Turkki, Dodo, Finland
Pertti Siilahti, Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto, Finland
Albert Caspari, INFOBALT, Germany
Alexander Shkrebets, TEIA, Russia
Richard Thompson Coon, Gulf of Finland Environmnet Society SULA, Finland
Vadim Kirichenko, CAEcologie, Estonia
Vladimir Mirotvortsev, Eesti LKS, Estonia
Alexander Nikitin, Environmental Rights Center, Russia
Janis Matulis, Friends of the Earth - Latvia
Valdur Lahtvee, Coalition Clean Baltic
Roustam Sagitov, St.Petersburg Naturalists Society, Russia
Stella Miroshkina, Gatchina EcoNGO, Russia
Johanna Wesnigk, Bund, Germany
Ilka Peterson, FOJ-Betreungsstelle Jugendpfarramt NEK, Germany
Galina Tsvetkova, Keep St.Petersburg Tidy, Russia
Olga Madison, Keep St.Petersburg Tidy, Russia
Taina Peltonen, KYE (European Voluntary service), Finland
Nina Ljungquist, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Sweden
Nils Margraf, Hohe Tied e.V., Germany
Vladimir Gushin, All-Russia Nature Protection Society, Russia
Erhard Janssen, Center for Applied Ecology, Estonia
Tamara Zintsenko, Estimaa Lodusfond, Estonia
Marina Janssen, Center for Applied Ecology, Estonia
Alexander Fedorov, Green World, Russia
Daria Postnova, Chudskoye Lake Project, Russia
and further participants of the CBSS NGO Forum