We look forward to your queries - or you can make use of the offers on our web site. There you can find a collection of text on topics and discussions that have been important for the work of NGO’s for a long time, and that still are. There are also new contributions – since 2001 there has been quite an upswing in the co-operation between the various organisations around the Baltic Sea.

Especially during transitional situations and radical changes in society, where so many familiar and well-established things have suddenly changed or completely disappeared, it is often not the officially responsible offices that are the forces behind new developments and innovative ideas – because it is especially these agencies that are going through change or suffering a rapid loss of trust. It is rather more a question of committed individuals, outside of competencies and self-interest, who are behind the energy and methods for pushing through political and social developments. The NGO Initiative for Baltic Sea Co-operation wants to continue to support such dedicated people, to publicise their work and where necessary to bring together like-minded people and encourage co-operation.

There are all too many who think that a good idea can be turned into cash - but even that isn’t possible across the board, but not everyone possesses the prerequisites to enable this, and in the great game of “one against the other” not everyone can be successful.

For the NGO Initiative Baltic Sea Co-operation believes that mutual interests can be best brought to everyone’s attention and carried out successfully by mutual action. Many of those active in the organisations and associations we know work towards objectives that are for the public benefit or are of an ideological nature – work results or even only slightly improved and critically prepared information can be of great use  to not only individuals but also the general public at large. Here people work with other people as directly as possible and want to continue helping each other.

Below you will find some important texts and work results – we welcome further discussion contributions and these will be added here as they come in.

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