International partners

The NGO INITIATIVE BALTIC SEA COOPERATION holds contact to some international partners who also want to improve the NGO COOPERATION in the Baltic Sea region. On some fields Baltic-Sea-wide associations already exist (Youth, Environment), but cross-sector co-operation of all different kinds of NGOs, exchange of information and experiences is still rare.

At the NGO-conferences in Copenhagen (march 2001) and Luebeck (May 2001), with participants from all Baltic Sea States, the need to found a BALTIC NGO FORUM on international level was stated. The now growing structures of such network - the so called "national focal points" - are now trying to further establish this cooperation.

The list below are those FOCAL POINTS used by the DANISH NGO FORUM:

Organisation Contact email
RUSSLAND/St. Petersburg    
Society ”Norden” Darja Akhutina
Estonian Institute for Human Rights Merle Haruoja
Friends of the Earth, Latvia Janis Matulis
Lithuanian Association of Youth and Children Leisure Organizers Rimantas Varanauskas
Regional Information and Support Centre for NGOs, Gdansk Joanna Szewczyk
Society Finland-Russia Merja Hannus
Swedish-Latvian Society, Stockholm Kerstin Aronsson
Uppsala Folkuniversitet Liliana Proskouriakova
Danish-Russian Association Kjeld Aakjaer


Contact to BALTIC NGO FORUM in Denmark is possible at:


Organisation Field of activity Contact E-Mail
GREEN WORLD, St. Petersburg / RUSSIA Environment Alexander Fedorov
NGO Zentrum Riga / LATVIA General contact - contacts to several hundred NGOs in all Latvia, consulting and training of NGOs, annual meetings Kaija Gertnere, Liga Logina, Raymond Stephens
NGO-Zentrum Liepāja / LATVIA Social Affairs, Human Rights Lāsma Vaiče
Programme for ethnic studies at European University St. Petersburg / RUSSIA Human Rights Dmitrij Dubrowskij
Center for Apllied Ecology, Sillamäe / ESTONIA Environment, Human Rights Marina & Erhard Janssen
BalticCycle - A common procect of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Cycling Clubs Tourism, Traffic, Environment, Youth Frank Wurft
Latvian Volunteer Center Youth, Social Affairs Ginta Ratniece ginta.ratniece@
Lithuanian NGO information and support center (NISC) Central office, contacts to NGOs in all Lithuania Vaidotas Ilgius
CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION / Children of the Baltic St. Petersburg / RUSSIA Environment, Education, Youth Olga Senova, Natalia Fedorova
Keep St.-Petersburg Tidy / RUSSIA Environment, Education, Youth Olga Madison