How to participate in NGO Baltic Sea Cooperation?

In case you or your NGO got interest to participate in NGO BALTIC SEA COOPERATION, please use one of the following opportunities:

  1. Contact one of the national focal points of the BALTIC NGO FORUM or the partners of the GERMAN NGO INITIATIVE
  2. Contact your regional government to get information about opportunities to support your activities
  3. Arrange meetings of people interested in the topic of BALTIC SEA COOPERATION and try to invite other initiatives with similar goals of your region
  4. Try to contribute to develope a national platform for a "Baltic Sea NGO Forum" in your country
  5. Evaluate possibilities to start Internet-Webpages similar to and
  6. Raise discussion on national and international level on working conditions of NGOs (see "scorecard", proposed by Danish NGO-Forum / listed on WOHLDE LIST)
  7. Find common financing strategies which could provide a base for both national and international NGO-cooperation
  8. Try to address those representatives and politicians who are connected to the work of the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS)

If you have further questions to 'GERMAN NGO INITIATIVE BALTIC SEA COOPERATION' please use this online-contact form.