CBSS-Logo (3kB)Priorities for the German Presidency
of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) 2000-2001

The Council of the Baltic Sea States as an intergovernmental forum of the Baltic Sea Rim has had an important part in improving relations and cooperation in the region and fostering democratic developments in the region during the last years. The positive developments in the region have helped in paving the way to further steps towards enlargement of the European Union and the creation of bonds of partnership with the Russion Federation. The Northern Dimension Action Plan of the European Union has taken up a multitude of aims of political initiatives presented by CBSS and the different supporting bodies.

To contribute to the achievement of the overall aim of stability, security and best use of the potential of the Baltic Sea Region for the well-being of its inhabitants the incoming German presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) proposes the following priority areas of cooperation in the upcoming year:

The German presidency envisages the following tasks and projects where the political role of the CBSS should contribute to achieve results:

1. Economic Cooperation

2. Role of the CBSS in the Northern Dimension of the EU

3. Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

4. Promotion of the Baltic Sea Rim as a region of knowledge-based societies, cultural identity and active civic participation in democracy and international exchange

5. Other tasks of the German Presidency:


Document of German Foreign Ministry / Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin 2000. - Initiative Ostsee-Kooperation der Nichtregierungsorganisationen